Brand history

Under a generous sun, the terroirs of Côtes du Rhône boast a wealth of treasures thanks to the diversity of soil types. Henri Calmette, deeply attached to the land which is a legacy of his ancestors, takes enormous pride in producing a pleasurable wine to share with family or friends. The sophistication and depth of this blend results in a deliciously generous and spicy wine.

An heritage

From the fourteenth century, the popes called on the nearest vineyards for their needs. Clement V, installed at the foot of the Ventoux, then planted the first pontifical vineyard.
It is only from 1650 that a regulation intervenes to protect the authenticity and the origin of this wine. Nowadays this regulation has been replaced by the “Appellation d’origine Protégée”. This AOP from H.Calmette is the guarantee of a quality wine respecting strict specifications.


Côtes du Rhône is a well-known French appellation, located on the right and left banks of the River Rhône. The Rhône valley begins to the south of Lyon and stretches down to the Mediterranean Sea. This terroir benefits from a Mediterranean climate with dry, warm summers, mild, sunny winters and the occasional influence of the Mistral wind. The soil is composed of claylimestone and pebbles; the pebbles retain the heat of the day throughout the night, the clay keeps the ground cool and the limestone acts as a filter.

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